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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TCI committee meets

TCI's Monthly meeting was held this evening at Trinity Church. The main focus was talking about the last minute details of the upcoming mission trip that will commence on the 23rd in two weeks. The mission focus seems to be moving forward and Miles announced the Lord has meet all the expenses and needs of the mission team.  We are so grateful for the Lord's people providing for this ministry.

Tonight was bitter sweet as we honored Ed Metcalf's leadership since the beginning of TCI's formation in 2009.  Ed will be stepping down July 1st from Ministry Director.  Ed provided leadership for the many projects that were started with our partner church in Consuelo, Dominican Republic.  It is with heartfelt thanks TCI thanks Ed & Sue for your friendship, your passion, hardwork and leadership and for TCI and the mission to the DR.

Stay tuned to this TCI blog for updates. Chris Kiley will provide a daily blog with pictures and ministry updates during the Team TCI mission from June 23-30th.  Please pray for the team for health, safety and the opportunity to share Jesus with others.  

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