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Friday, May 30, 2014

Mission Team Leaves in 3 Weeks

    Donations Needed for Mission Work 

Trinity Cares Mission Team will leaves in just over 3 weeks on June 21st.  The 2014 team will minister in the Dominican Republic through three team projects, Medical, Construction and Security Monitoring System.  

The Team Members are Tim Kiley, Frank Kelly, Sandra Simoes, Sharon Pierpont, Linda Robinson, Lani Brown, Matt Parker, Shannen Parker, Laura Christie, Jake Horensavitz, Wayne Billingham, Kathy Kiley and Chris Kiley.

The team is still raising support for some of its members for trip expenses and for medicines.  You can help this years team by supporting financially for the team and by donating "Over The Counter" Meds and Vitamins (No Gummies)

We appreciate everyone's prayers and support for our team to help make a difference for the people of the Dominican Republic. God Bless!

Tune in from June 20th until June 28th as we will blogg daily activities from the Dominican Republic. See and hear about what God "is up to" through your 2014 Mission Team!


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