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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Awesome Mission Week Concludes

3 teams and unbelievable results for the week!  The construction team completed 8 homes this week. New floors were poured and the team persevered through the heat. Literally changed the lives of these 8 families who had dirt floorsl kudos to team leader Matt Parker and his team
The Dental team saw over 300 patients for the week. The took time to pray and care for each patient. At one point 5 dentist were working at once led by Dr Jane Russo. Great job team!
The Medical Team was seeing on an average of 130-150 patients a day. Two doctors had surgeries to perform Wednesday so we only had two doctors and got backed up. Thursday we had to see 43 + patients from Wednesday and all of Thursday's patients. We were afraid we were going to have to turn some away. At the end of the day over 250 patients were seen. Two days work in one!  It was awesome how the whole team pulled together and got the job done. The team was led by Sharon Pierpont and did and outstanding job ministering in 3 locations. God is good !

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