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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Today we were running on all cylinders. TCI  Dental saw again over 70 patients and continued to do amazing work. TCI Music had a great practice day. There is an abundance of musical talent here in Consuelo. The beginning of the week they were not planning on doing instrument training but there is so much talent we shifted gears and worked it in. We are all looking forward to seeing the concert Friday night. TCI Construction did another "10" Blocks on to their project. Sorry inside joke. Matt Parker tells his guys no matter what's going on, we are almost there only 10 more blocks!  TCI Sports- Home Plate Baseball Academy had an awesome day. The first game of the Friendship Toury began between Conseulo and Loma de Cabrera with the Consuelo team edging Loma 2-1. This morning during devotional sharing 20 boys chose to be believers and follow Jesus Christ. We celebrate with the angels in heaven this work of God by his spirit. It doesn't get better than it did today! Thank you God!

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