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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Can't sleep so I blog

Tonight was our last team meeting before departing Saturday for the Dominican Republic. Pastor Miles
Informed us that with the congregational giving each team members expenses are covered!  What a blessing. I am amazed once again how God provides through his people. Trinity Church has always had a big heart for missions which started under Pastor Ves Sheely's leadership and vision casting. I am truly blessed to be part of what God is doing through Trinity Cares International.  We packed the meds for the medical team and alarm equipment for the security team, the concrete team well your stuff is on site ready to go!  24 hrs and we are off. Please continue to pray God will show us the way day by day and that we will see where he is at work and join him. It is now 2:24 am and I am so wired by the spirit I don't want to sleep but know I should. Ok I will try once again. Until next blog...

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