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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 3 TCI 2014 Mission Team

Day Three and the bakery walls are taking shape. The construction team is working hard in the hot Dominican sun and doing a great job.  Each team member is making friends working alongside their Dominican brothers. Pastor Julio explained to me that the community has been preparing weeks for us to come and was so excited for the opportunity to work alongside us!  The security team were mounting cameras and actually starting to test the equipment.  The monitor, power supply and cables are all run. Tomorrow the rest of the cameras are to be mounted and calibrated.  The medical team continues to do a bang up jog taking care of the community medical needs.  Today we went over to Consillito a Batey about 15 minutes from Consuelo.  The team saw many little children today as mothers brought the kids to see the doctors.  Kudos to Sharon and Laura for an awesome job today as they hung in there until 5PM in the hot sun!  Photo album is posted to Facebook to see more information.  Here are a few of todays children.

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  1. Thank you for serving and sharing these beautiful pictures!